Laura Cantrell's "States of Country" -- Kentucky Edition, plus the Fabulous Marty Stuart

Hey folks, first blog post here... Welcome to my world.

I really can't stop smiling after last night. First, I got the chance to sing with one of my favorite country music artists in New York City or anywhere, the great Laura Cantrell. Laura has a monthly series at the swanky NYC piano lounge Sid Gold's Request Room, called "States of Country," in which she focuses on the music of a single state. I was thrilled to be part of last night's Kentucky edition. And I will note here that, while the Appalachian region of Eastern Kentucky is what probably comes to mind for most non-natives when they think about Kentucky bluegrass or country, the musical contributions of Western Kentucky stand at least as tall. (I'm gonna guess you can figure out which part of the state I come from.) I sang three songs, all written by artists from Western Kentucky --  Bill Monroe, the Everly Brothers, John Prine (well, his roots, anyway). Great band last night, too, featuring Franklin Bruno on piano, Jon Sholle on guitar, and Kenny Kosek on fiddle, and my pal and bandmate Jeremy Chatzky on bass (he's Laura's longtime bassist as well).

Great room, great crowd... it would've been a great night even if Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives hadn't been in town, but luckily for the full house at the Bowery Ballroom, he was. First time I've seen him live and definitely not the last -- I think he is the leading standard-bearer for how to do traditional country music in a contemporary way. So, so great -- everybody in the band can not only play his ass off but they're also all great singers. On top of which, Marty plays Clarence White's original B-Bender guitar, which by itself is worth the price of admission.

And it was like one big family party, too -- a huge number of my co-conspirators in the NYC roots/country scene were there: Barbara Endes, David Michael Weiss, Dan Mulvey, Boo Reiners, Rebecca Turner, Scott Anthony, Patty Murray, Joanna Choy, Diego Britt, Laura Cantrell, and probably others I either didn't talk to or am just too groggy to remember right now.

Anyway, a great night. See you down the road.

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